Pulsor model
of the Pulsor Technology:

- no air channels, which often result
  from continiuous air injection, will be

- the bulk solid is not consolidated
  by the Pulsors, as often caused by
  mechanical vibrators.

- hopper walls and welded seams are
 not subject to damaging vibrations,
  often caused by mechanical vibrators.

- an economic and trouble-free
  operation will be achieved by
  reducing waiting times during discharge.

of the Pulsor Technology:

ALBRECHT Pulsors generate pulses of compressed air at a pressure of 6 bar with a frequency of about 5 Hz.

The air is injected into the bulk solid through special Impulse Nozzles and flows both, radially and parallel to the funnel walls.

The air pulses are mechanically generated by a self-acting, oscillating, valve plate with large cross section inside the Pulsor.

A check valve with metal seals within the nozzle head prevents any powder from penetrating the nozzle tube.

of the Pulsor Technology:

The air blown-in in quick succession results in a forced oscillation and fluidisation of the bulk solid.

Cohesive forces between the particles are diminished and the wall friction of bulk solids is considerably reduced.

ALBRECHT Pulsors break up powder compaction and eliminate arching and ratholing.

By reducing the wall friction and due to the homogenous air distribution in the bulk solid possible segregation of particles can be diminished.