ALBRECHT Engineering
is a family business with 30 years of experience in the field of the flow promotion of bulk solids and filter dust.

We specialize in solving problems with the discharge of bulk solids out of silos and bunkers by means of our self developed and manufactured flow aid devices, the ALBRECHT Pulsors.

Our Customers
are well-known companies representing the whole range of the German and European industries.
Our Pulsors can be applied on all silos and bunkers containing fine and cohesive bulk materials.

Pulsor photo

  Silo photo

Launching of 'Ingenieurbüro O. Albrecht' by Dipl.-Ing. Otto Albrecht, development of the flow aid devices 'Pulsor' and 'Impulse Nozzle'

Change of company's legal status and formation of 'ALBRECHT Ingenieurbüro GmbH' together with his son, Dipl.-Phys. Jens Christian Albrecht.

Since then
we have been acting as an all-in-one supplier for manufacturing and installation of Pulsors together with all additional components e.g. installation of compressed air supply pipes, manufacture of electrical control boxes and electrical installations.